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Generate unique, custom Better Discord themes in seconds with our Better Discord theme maker. Instantly create, preview, and download your custom themes!



Better Discord Theme Maker

Ever wanted to create your own Better Discord themes or edit our themes? Well, right here you can use our Better Discord theme editor to create your own! Import our themes and change the colours, images, and fonts right here on this page – its that simple.

Our Better Discord theme generator requires no programming experience, its incredibly simple to use, and here is how:

  1.  Upload a background image from your device or enter a URL.
  2.  Choose a font to use throughout the theme.
  3.  Choose a colour to use throughout the theme.
  4.  Check everything is good then enter a name and download!

It is that simple! And while you change your theme, you can always check the preview beside the editor that is updated with every single change you make, in realtime.

Enjoy making your own custom themes today with our Better Discord theme maker!

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